Jack Baker Candles (3 Scents)

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Texas Based Small Business, hand poured in North Texas, 100% dye and chemical free, clean and fabulous aromas! Vegan Soy. Choose from the following scents:
BOYFRIEND JEANS (Cedarwood, Tobacco, Cologne) (Our fave!)
ROSEGOLD + PEONIES (Peonies, Cotton, Midnight Rain)
YOSEMITE  (Mountain Air, Blue Spruce, Juniper) 
*From the Candle Company:
Jack Baker’s candle crafting
adventure began with the idea of perfecting
the handmade soy candle.

Create an artisanal candle (and experience) that has the burn power to fill your space
with lingering aromas that last. AND The ability to compliment & bring warmth to any room using only clean, safe ingredients.

Our candles are hand poured in Texas from Essential Oil based fragrances & 100% Dye Free, Vegan Soy Wax Blend.  No nasties. EVER.

Jack Baker believes in hand-pouring in small batches to deliver the highest quality scents. Because sometimes, a bit of light after a dark day, can be life-changing.